Gunter Wilhelm

Gunter Wilhelm Thunder Boning Knife, 6 Inch | Dark Brown ABS Handle SKU: 30-314-0306

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Sku: 30-314-0306

Boning Knife: This 6-inch Boning Knife is the go-to knife for cutting pieces of bone-in meat, filleting fish, trimming steaks/meats, slicing chicken cutlets so they are paper thin, or butterflying large pork chops. Having a thin blade allows a precision cut.

Clean & Easy Cutting Tool: This boning tool with its slightly curved, long blade will help you debone just about anything with ease. You can even use this knife to trim the fat of your steak/meats and separate the skin from a fish fillet. The blade on this knife is thinner than traditional knives, making it easier to maneuver with precision.

Knife Specifications:
  • Crafted in Germany using premium 440/X50CrMoV15 German steel
  • Dimensions: Blade Length 6", Handle Length 4.875"
  • Weight: 0.387 lb
  • Handle Material: Patented Full Triple Tang (steel) with GW Brownish injected quality ABS Polymer and 4 decorative rivets
  • Optimized Heat Treatment & Advanced CRYO Ice-Hardening: Ensures exceptional hardness (55 +/-2 RC), durability, and flexibility through a multi-stage process
  • Elegant, stylish, and functional ergonomic handle featuring the innovative SMART-BOLSTER™ design
  • 15-degree angled blade edge, sharp heel, and smooth spine
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects

Experience the superior craftsmanship of our 6" Boning Knife. This perfect blend of elegance and performance not only boosts your culinary expertise but also lends a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Optional: Add a personal touch with laser engraving of the monogram from 3 to 20 characters.