Wilmax Dinner Knife 8.5" | 22 Cmset Of 6 In Colour Box SKU: WL-999100/6C

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Sku: WL-999100/6C

WILMAX cutlery is designed for maximum comfort, featuring a finely balanced handle, high-quality polish, and a perfectly processed edge. Natural shine of its smooth texture catches the eye Made of high-quality high polish stainless steel Wilmax cutlery is durable, corrosion and deformation-resistant. Items save to use as the material does not change taste, ?avor, and color of the food. WILMAX cutlery is dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. Cleaning doesn?t cause damage to its shine and appearance. Wilmax cutlery has exquisite brand packaging, making it a perfect gi? for any occasion
Produced from the High polish stainless steel. Durable, corrosion and deformation-resistant. Dishwasher safe and is easy to care for, without any damage to its shine or appearance.

ARTICLE: WL-999100/6C, INNER 1, CTN 24

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