Wilmax A Set Of A 4 Section Bamboo Tray With 4 Doublewalled Thermo Glasses To Match SKU: WL-555030

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Sku: WL-555030

  • Combing thermo glass with bamboo trays is a natural progression and is meant to showcase the food or whatever you decide to put inside these amazing vessels. Double walled thermo glass from Wilmax is produced with a layer or vacuum trapped between 2 pieces of hand blown thermo glass.
  • This 5 piece set makes a perfect presentation a quad (four) gang circle cutout bamboo tray with four 10 fl oz thermo glasses. Your only limit is your imagination. Anything is possible with this amazing presentation set. From hot and cold liquids to desserts and even dry herb presentations. Double walled bowls/cups will keep your hot liquids hot and your cold liquids cold 3-4 times longer.
  • Bamboo quad tray is a square 7. 75? x 7. 5? and has 4 perfect cutouts circles to hold multiple diameter vessels safely inside. Rubber feet underneath are meant to keep it sturdy on the flat surface. While under cut handles allows for easy lifting.
  • Double walled thermo glasses hold 10 fl Oz of liquid in addition it can be used for baking, freezing or presentation of your favorite dessert or even more delicate foods like caviar and truffles. Customers have used Double walled thermo glass for everything from Jell-O presentations to souffl?s and fondue.
  • View more recipes and ideas on wilmax.com/recipe. Some items could be packed in an original box while others maybe repacked to match the set quantity. This set could be in a combination of Color gift box and plain brown box based on availability.

Set of 5 items, consist of :1 TRAY 7. 75" X 7. 75" | 20 X 20 CM - (WL-771013 / A)
4 GLASS 10. 1 FL OZ | 300 ML - (WL-888733 / A)